Rain or shine: How Water Resistant Media can Grow your Business

Waterproof outdoor graphics without lamination? It's possible with the right paper

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No lamination required

Did you know you can print high-quality outdoor display graphics on an inkjet printer, without lamination?

In the past, the only way to make a print water resistant was to laminate it. This meant waiting until the output was dry, slowing down the whole production process and adding cost. Not ideal.

But selecting the right paper, like our Water Resistant Media, allows you to make beautiful, photo quality, waterproof prints that will survive up to six months outdoors, with no need for lamination. Pair it with the imagePROGRAF printer series and you've got a winning combination.

Using this specially designed paper, printed output is instantly resistant to water. It has an ink-receiving layer that consists of a binder with low water solubility, making it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for you to produce durable prints.

Bringing creative ideas to life

If you own an imagePROGRAF printer already, this Water Resistant Media can make ideas come to life for your customers and grow your business. There's a choice of four products, including matte polypropylene, self-adhesive and banner vinyl so you're spoilt for choice.

You probably already work with customers in hospitality, leisure and retail. Now you can offer them perfect solutions for short-term outdoor graphics to promote their business. If you’re already speaking to a retailer about posters, why not suggest an outdoor A-frame to encourage passers-by to come inside? Or a self-adhesive vinyl wrapped around a pillar to highlight an in-store promotion? With the reduced time required on printing, you can meet their requests quickly too.

And the ideas don’t stop outside. With Water Resistant Media, you can produce a variety of indoor and outdoor applications - signs, banners, posters, self-adhesive graphics, pop-up displays…

imagePROGRAF PRO-2000

Graphics for all seasons –
even under ice

Think about prints that are exposed to damp environments. Water Resistant Media are ideal for graphics mounted in bathrooms or in spaces where they are cleaned regularly, such as changing rooms.

One customer is even taking water resistance to the next level and has placed printed advertising graphics under a layer of ice in a hockey stadium! After half a year trapped under ice, the images are fully intact and almost as fresh as the day they were printed.

Advances to Water Resistant Media mean prints can resist more than water. This media is fade resistant too, so outdoor applications can be protected from photo degradation due to harsh UV rays.

Short to medium-term outdoor prints produced with these media, can withstand testing weather conditions, with colour quality of warm colours, grey tones and deep blacks lasting for up to six months at a time, compared to outdoor prints on glossy inkjet paper.

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A flood of possibilities

Print departments who previously outsourced water resistant work can now bring work in-house as printing on Water Resistant Media has never been easier.

As long as you check the surface you are applying the media to is prepared and ready for application, our Water Resistant Media has self-adhesive backing for simple application and removal, and the right level of opacity to apply over an existing display, speeding up application time.

There are so many growth possibilities to explore with Water Resistant Media. Why not test the waters with new applications, and open the flood gates for even more business?

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