Volkswagen’s print department doubles output in the space of two years

Volkswagen’s manufacturing headquarters in north-west Germany is one of the largest and most advanced car factories in the world. State-of-the-art production is not confined to its cars, however. The site also houses an impressive in-house print department, producing most of the print requirements of Volkswagen’s seven German production and sales locations. Volkswagen called in Océ to solve a serious production headache. Their existing digital print colour devices could not cope with the recent 50% increase in colour production volumes. With internal customers demanding fast turnaround jobs, the balance between productivity and quality was an important factor in Volkswagen choosing Canon devices to meet this rising demand.


"The two Canon imagePRESS devices have proved to be the ideal complement to the existing offset and digital mix. They offer a balance of productivity and quality that is perfect for a large proportion of our work, and as the demand for rapid turnaround of short run jobs escalates among our customers."

Helmuth Oschmann, Printroom Manager