Space-saving solutions expand capability

Two men in dark trousers and light shirts stand in front of a large Canon digital printing press.

Business-critical documents

Information management company Star Storage naturally moved into print and distribution in order to offer their customers a complete information protection and document archiving solution. From banks to telecommunications and utilities companies, clients rely on Star Storage to print and deliver business-critical documents within 24 hours.

Woman with short dark hair wearing navy trousers and a long-sleeved white shirt uses a scanner on top of a Canon commercial digital printing press.

Shrinking to grow

After a period of consistent growth, the company realised it needed to expand its production capabilities. With space at a premium, it was important that any new solution could step up productivity and open up new opportunities, without taking up any more room.

Man in sky blue polo shirt and a baseball cap loads A4 paper into the open drawer of a large Canon digital printing press.

Productive solutions

Thanks to the greater productivity of Canon devices, Star Storage replaced its ten existing cut sheet digital presses, with just five Canon presses. Knowing the reliable history of the VarioPrint, Star Storage chose two VarioPrint 6250 presses, as well as a Canon varioPRINT 110 for black and white, and two Canon imagePRESS C800 presses for colour.

There is a lot of potential in transpromotional print and the Canon colour presses are our bridge to that future.

Silvius Neagu, Director of Output Management Outsourcing Division
Two middle-aged men in light blue shirts and stand behind a commercial printer as reams of printed paper weave through the open-ended machine.

Bridge to the future

The impact of the new Canon devices on the company has been huge, with the biggest boost in productivity and efficiency. Star Storage can now print 20% more pages, without any increase in manpower and while occupying the same amount of physical space.

The company can now raise the bar by lowering their production costs, thanks to reduced cost per page and decreased power consumption of the devices. As well as being able to deliver on reliability and speed, Star Storage now have the potential to explore new opportunities and push the boundaries of what transactional document printing can achieve.


Written by Silvius Neagu

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