PRISMAproduction Host Specifications

Production Printing Software

Print management software


SPS module

Spooling of AFP/line data print files to directly attached IPDS devices

Security through automatic error reporting and recovery

Checkpointing control (time and page)


JES operator control

Channel and network connection

Customised separator pages

CustomTone support

A-Twin and -Triplex support via TCP/IP, /370 and ESCON

Printer support

All host-connected, non-impact IPDS printers

CIS module

Converts AFP, mixed data, S/370 line data, record-format line data, XML and/or Unicode into MO:DCA-P

Enhances your AFP files by enabling you to add barcodes, new graphics or even new finishing controls, and more. Text blocks can be added, or removed

Embeds the necessary resources into the AFP datastream

Segments the input file into multiple output files

Builds UP3I finishing operations into an AFP file

Sorts your AFP pages based on various sort criteria (content, layout, collator)

Reverse page sequence of entire file

Build index information based on selectable criteria

Router module

Line data, AFP and MO:DCA data transfer from host to server

Support for the IBM download standard (via TCP/IP)

LP client protocol

Support for FTP transfer

Host spooling command support

Exit support

Integrated resource packaging

File compression and/or encryption through an interface to a customer-supplied tool

Accounting and logging collection on the source system

Support for LCDS data (limited FCB support)


Converts SIEPRT/Model 2 datastreams into AFP and redirects the print jobs back into the JES spool

Support for JES output groups

Converts Model2resources


System Requirements

IBM MVS, OS/390 or z/OS, JES2 and JES3

Fujitsu Siemens BS2000