Photo Lab Quality

Incredible detail

What makes a good photo print? It’s all down to how accurately your printer can place droplets of ink onto the photo paper – and how small it can make those droplets. That’s why all PIXMA Photo & Document Printers feature Canon’s patented FINE technology.

FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) uses super-accurate print heads with up to 7,680 nozzles. Each nozzle is designed to dispense consistent, precise ink droplets, some as small as one picolitre – that’s an incredible one-trillionth of a litre! These tiny droplets produce unbelievably smooth colour gradations and high levels of detail, giving your prints the look and feel of traditional photographs.

Pure colour and amazing contrast

It’s not just the print heads that make PIXMA prints look so great – Canon inks produce unbeatable results by combining high-intensity colour with unbeatable contrast.

Every PIXMA Photo & Document Printer uses a combination of pigment black ink and dye-based colour inks. The result? Brilliantly crisp, legible text in your documents, and vibrant colour throughout your photos and graphics.

Some models also feature Canon’s ContrastPLUS system, which uses an extra black dye ink. This gives you maximum contrast not only in black areas, but right throughout your images - giving your photos a dynamic 3-D feel.