Canon EMEA Office Insights 2016 – Embracing digital transformation

The accelerated growth of documents and information represents an increasingly complex challenge for businesses today, according to the latest research from Canon Europe.

Collecting insight from a quantitative online survey of 1,000 technology decision makers and end-users, and 50 in-depth interviews, in key countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa, the independent market research report aims to understand how working practices are evolving and the value, and impact, of the latest document handling technology.

The research found that documents and information continue to be the lifeblood of any business. This is particularly true of printed documents, with 57% of users, overall, saying they print more now than they did three years ago; and 27% saying they will spend more on printing, copying and scanning devices and software in three years from now. Well over half (59%) scan more documents than they did three years ago and 53% of all documents are now digitised.

However, this radical shift in volume for paper, digital and virtual documents has raised several challenges for businesses. Particularly around the cost of handling information and keeping it secure. While 79% of respondents strongly agree that technology makes for a more secure work environment, 23% are very concerned about losing sensitive printed documents. Despite companies saying they will spend more on printing, scanning and copying documents – 42% of respondents still don’t manage their print costs and 9% are unaware if they even track print costs.

Technology is playing a vital role in shaping the future for businesses; and the continued growth of digitisation is an important trend. Digital documents and information are driving companies forwards, but also challenging them in completely new ways. However, the data from the report reveals significant gaps in understanding how technology can support improved document and information handling. These are areas that businesses will need to address in order meet the rising information challenge.

Key Findings

  • 53% of all documents handled and managed in the office are digitised
  • 59% of office workers scan more documents today than three years previously
  • 57% of office workers print more documents today than three years previously
  • 66% of decision-makers view document scanning as critical or very important to their business
  • 78% of decision-makers view document printing as essential or very important to their business

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