Behind the lens: Munich based Photographer Robert Goetzfried

Robert Goetzfried is a Munich-based photographer and designer whose work often focuses on the details and patterns of cities, rather than the people in them. However, Robert’s images are not entirely devoid of human life. As his images in show, his unique, graphically oriented style puts people’s emotions to one side to focus on the shapes they make in the spaces they inhabit.

Robert loves straight lines, patterns and order. His previous work includes striking aerial shots of Bangkok, a series of Australian houses and a project which captures a different side of Memphis, Tennessee. Robert’s photos are also one of the most appreciated projects on well-regarded photographic site, Behance and his work has appeared in publications around the world.

When he's not traveling to far away places or shooting projects close to home, Robert is Associate Professor for Photography at the prestigious German design school, SfG Ravensburg.

You can see more from Robert by visiting his website