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Capturing motion in print with your PIXMA printer


Capturing motion in photos requires you to make a choice between freezing the action OR allowing creative blur to show the idea of movement in your photos. The direction you take depends on what you want your photo to say to your viewers. Capturing the emotion on a tennis player’s face in a frozen moment will convey a different message to a shot which shows blurred movement at full stretch across a court. Each can be equally powerful.

Canon tutor, Brian Worley explains how to get the most from your printer. He also reveals useful tips and explains how you can print dynamic, movement-filled images using your PIXMA printer.

Selecting the right settings for action-filled prints

Printing your photos using a PIXMA is a great way to showcase your high speed action images. PIXMA printers give you the ability to produce high quality prints, with amazing levels of detail. Here’s how to get the most from your prints:

  • Choose the right paper size to match your image (e.g. for high resolution images, why not print larger than A4 if your printer supports it?)
  • Choose the right paper type to achieve stunning colours (using the PIXMA with Canon’s wide range of photo paper will help achieve accurate colour prints)
  • Increase the quality settings in the printer driver to achieve the highest amount of details in your prints

Using My Image Garden software with your PIXMA

My Image Garden is a handy software application that allows you to easily organise and print your photos. The software can even print still images selected from movie clips captured using Canon cameras. Additionally it can merge multiple still frames into one file for printing. So if you have a video sequence of a tennis player serving, you can breakdown the sequence into individual images, and combine it to show the whole serve action in one print.

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