Which composition do you prefer?

We have selected 3 photos by Canon customers where the composition style has created a more interesting shot. Find the one you like best.

Meine Tochter, Rudolf Zoechling

Rudolf has opted for a close in portrait, probably shot on a longer focal length, as there is no face distortion. There is good interaction between the model and the photographer and this has resulted in the model placing her hair around her face to create a natural frame for the most important feature of this portrait, her eyes. There appears to have been a bit of post-production too, desaturating the face and hair leaving the blue in the eyes.

Marina – Jaime Pertiṅez Linares

This unconventional portrait by Jaime caught our eye. Breaking some of the rules by placing the model centre frame and obscuring the model's face add to style of this shot. See how the photographer has used the 'golden hour' to create warm backlighting on the model and the landscape and got the model to move freely without formal posing.

The little journey, Sascha Hauk

This lovely scene by Sascha Hauk reminds us of a film still. Atmospheric and with a strong story behind this image Sascha has done a great job in capturing this interaction between the two subjects. The hands create a diagonal leading into the main subject, the younger boy. The man doesn’t have his head in shot which distracts the viewer from him and adds mystery to the story of this shot.

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