Data and Digital Print – Going Beyond Personalisation

Explore how data and digital print add value to each other.


Data – Under Control or In Control

It’s not about how much data you have, it’s about what you do with it.

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Under Control or In Control

Go beyond personalisation with smart use of data

Data has often been called the new gold, however data collected in isolation and not used in context is of limited value. Like gold, data has to be intelligently filtered, refined and shaped to unlock its full value.

Unlike gold which is a rare commodity, data is everywhere, the problem for marketeers and consumers alike is that there is to much of it and in many digital channels we have already reached the point of data or information overload.

This creates an opportunity for print, the most trusted form of communication we have today, which can be personalised and manipulated just like online content, but has the tangibility, durability and ability to impact the senses far more than words and images on a web page or in an e-mail alone.

Online personalisation is falling short in many aspects - impact, trust and cost effectiveness, to name just a few – but when combined with print intelligently the results can be significantly improved.

Download our report today to learn techniques to overcome digital overload and fatigue, with examples of how print service providers today have deployed these tactics, managing data to help their customers whilst at the same time generating profitable new print volume.

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