Device Lifecycle Services

Optimise your Canon Office solutions, from network connection to end of life, and boost control, security and efficiency.

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Canon Installation Services

Professional pre-configuration and delivery of print and scan devices helps you get set up faster, with reduced disruption to business productivity.

Two women perch on long white desks alongside computers as they chat to three colleagues sitting in front of them.

Device Management Service

Take the pressure off your IT team – simplify print and scan device management with a proactive service that monitors and optimises your devices.

Other services

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Managed Cloud Services

Maximise office productivity with document services and equipment tailored to achieve the best results from your business information.

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Business Process Consulting Services

Stay ahead of the competition – take advantage of the increasingly digital world to boost efficiency and improve customer engagement.

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Support and Maintenance

Gain peace of mind with 24/7 device support, plus proactive remote monitoring, to enhance the performance of your Canon solution.

Gain maximum control, security and efficiency with our Device Lifecycle Services.