Evolve, Elwe Special Promotions grow their business using the latest printing technology from Canon

Elwe Special Promotions: the evolution of point-of-sale printing

The Challenge

Based in the Netherlands, print services provider Elwe specialises in producing high quality point-of-sale (POS) displays for the retail market. It prides itself on offering customers a complete, end-to-end service – from the initial design and proofing process, right through to production, storage and delivery – with a range of optional packaging services.

Over 20 years, the company’s reputation for quality, efficiency and customer service has won it a range of major clients in the domestic market, including retail chains Albert Heijn and Jumbo. Traditionally, such customers ordered hundreds or even thousands of displays at a time – something Elwe’s analogue printing technology was fully equipped to handle.

"We had no trouble dealing with ten displays, or even a thousand. But for our customers, short runs were often not affordable."

The company therefore decided to upgrade to a faster, more efficient digital printing system – both to support its continued business growth, and so that it could be more responsive to its customers’ needs.

The Canon solution

For Canon, the solution was clear: the Océ Arizona 660 XT flatbed printer is fast, easy to use and incredibly versatile. And just as importantly, its Océ VariaDot imaging technology delivers the outstanding image quality Elwe needed for its point-of-sale displays.


As Kirsten Van Brummen explains, the impact of the Arizona 660 XT has been dramatic, both in terms of flexibility and productivity:

"We are now able to avoid compromising on quality and delivery time… and can offer point-of-sale materials in lower volumes at competitive prices."

Evolve, Elwe Special Promotions attract new customers, using Canon’s business printing solutions

Customers have also been impressed by the company’s ability to offer greater personalisation and customisation of their point-of-sale designs – something that would have been prohibitively expensive using analogue technology.

Perhaps the greatest change, however, is that by producing short runs and one-offs more cheaply, Elwe has been able to attract a whole new range of customers – not just major retailers, but small businesses and sole traders. Kirsten Van Brummen notes that “Because we can deliver point-of-sale materials starting with a single copy, we now have a lot of small customers”, ranging from “a customer who produces audio tours for museums” to “the pharmacist around the corner.”

This new, on-demand POS printing model has helped Elwe break free of the limitations of analogue printing – enabling it to achieve its goals for business growth. And crucially, as the company continues to grow, it now has a partner that can help it meet any challenge it faces, as Kirsten Van Brummen concludes:

"We often receive demanding requests and therefore a lot is expected from our partners. Canon has become a partner that stands by us and thinks along with us at all times."

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