HR Digitisation is reimagining Human Resources for a digital world

HR Digitisation

Reimagining Human Resources for a digital world.

A dynamic HR team is vital to achieving success. But processing paper employee files by hand is laborious – costing you time and money.

Manual HR document workflows slow down your business, and paper archives are an expensive and inefficient way of storing staff information.

The benefits of HR Digitisation

Benefits Benefits

Cut operational costs

Save money by streamlining and digitising workflows

Benefits Benefits

Increase response times

Help HR staff work faster and better by automating processes

Benefits Benefits

Improve visibility

Gain more analysis and insight into bottlenecks and HR data

Benefits Benefits

Achieve compliance

Strengthen security by centralising the storage of employee data

Demonstrating the power of going paperless

Demonstrating the power of going paperless with Canon’s HR Digitisation
Canon HR Case Manager provided the tools and functionality to transform the way we work.

Marco Trucchia

Director of Human Resources, Canon Italy

The challenge

Canon Italy’s HR team was spending too much time and money processing paper documents, and wanted to find a faster way to handle employee data. As well as distracting staff from more valuable tasks, manually processing 900 staff files had made HR a bureaucratic cost centre.

Demonstrating the power of going paperless with Canon’s HR Digitisation
HR Digitisation is a fast and flexible way to manage employee information digitally

The solution

The company realised that the answer to this problem was Canon HR Case Manager, a fast and flexible document processing system that enables staff to manage employee information digitally.

The benefits

By converting its paper files to a digital format, the HR department cut admin time by 15% – boosting productivity and morale. The system’s analytic and security features also gave the team more control over its data – helping to keep its records up to date and fully compliant.

HR Digitisation’s analytic and security features gave the team more control over its data

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