Canon Content Transfer Mobile

An iOS app that connects an iPhone with the XF605 for seamless transfer of in-camera footage to an FTP server.

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Faster, more streamlined news workflows

Content Transfer Mobile (CTM) is an iOS app that enables news footage to be downloaded to an iPhone and uploaded directly to a broadcast station FTP server via 4G/5G or Wi-Fi. It also provides advanced metadata management.


Download content from camera to phone

Use CTM to connect the XF605 to an iPhone, through either Wi-Fi or a compatible USB-C cable, and download MP4, XML, Metadata and Audio Proxy files to the iPhone.

Upload content from phone to FTP server

As well as managing which locally stored files are uploaded to an FTP server, CTM also makes it possible to download content from the camera and instantly transfer it to the server in a single operation for a more efficient workflow.


News metadata editing

A significant advantage of CTM is that it enables metadata to be edited and imported before and after the footage has been shot. It supports the NewsML-G2 standard, providing consistency and ease of integration into a broadcast workflow, as well as file management. XML files can be edited in CTM and written to the camera, or alternatively metadata that’s been recorded in-camera can also be modified in CTM, enabling users to update the content information before uploading to the server.

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    Compatibility - Canon XF605*

    *The visual appearance of the Canon XF605 shown in these photographs and video content may differ from the commercial product.