Discover how to get the most out of your Canon PowerShot PX

This versatile little camera is packed with features that can benefit the whole family, from improving your home office to creating videos for social channels.
A skateboarder mid-jump against a bright blue sky. A Canon PowerShot PX is mounted on a tripod to the right of him.

The Canon PowerShot PX is like having your own personal photographer and videographer. Whether you're hosting a party or using it as a webcam, the compact PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera captures moments automatically. Just set it up on a flat surface or tripod, turn it on, and, when it recognises a face, it'll begin intelligently shooting photos and videos all by itself. It's battery-powered and its lens covers an extensive pan, tilt and zoom range.

That leaves you free to enjoy the moment – not to mention be part of the action yourself – without the pressure of having to act as photographer or filmmaker. There's no need to spend hours sifting through the photos and videos to pick out the ones you want either. Everything on the PowerShot PX's memory card is displayed on the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam on your smartphone, so you can manually select your favourites to transfer and share on social. It's also clever enough to recommend the best images and clips, saving you time and effort.

Check out the video below for more information on how to get your Canon PowerShot PX set up and ready to go.

A still showing an illustrated Canon camera on an orange background next to text that reads: PowerShot PX.

There's a lot more to the Canon PowerShot PX than mere convenience, though – you just need to know its strengths.

Here are a range of ways that you and your loved ones can make the most of this clever camera's special skills, and tips for making the most of its features in each situation.

1. Family get-togethers and events: preserve candid moments

A seated older woman hands a present to an excited young child. A Canon PowerShot PX is on the table next to them, capturing the smiling group.

The Canon PowerShot PX is small and discreet, making it ideal for capturing candid family moments, which can be far more impactful than staged group portraits.

A Canon PowerShot PX positioned on a side table to capture four people eating food at a garden party.

The Canon PowerShot PX is battery-powered, so you can set it up outside, provided the weather is dry. It works best when placed in a shady spot out of direct sunlight.

Planning a party? The Canon PowerShot PX is ideal for documenting social events and family gatherings. While a selfie stick's range extends just a few feet from the user, the PowerShot PX can be placed further away to capture the entire scene.

Set up the PowerShot PX before your guests arrive, positioning it at eye level on a flat, stable surface overlooking where people will be gathering and ensuring that the scene is well-lit and there is nothing obstructing its panning arc.

You can then leave the camera to do the work for you. Using facial recognition technology, it will pan, tilt and zoom for the best compositions, ensure groups of partygoers are all in shot, and automatically correct images for distortion.

Want a little more control? The Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam enables you to set the camera to prioritise faces, such as the person you're hosting a party for, and then sort images by subject.

And there's no need to worry about running out of space. If the camera's microSD card fills up, there's an image auto delete option that lets you keep on shooting. The oldest images will be deleted first, but it won't remove any of your favourites.

2. Content creation: capture fun activities

A mother smiles at her daughter as she takes a cake out of the oven. Blurred in the foreground, capturing the moment, is a Canon PowerShot PX.

The Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam enables you to shoot remotely via your smartphone. You can pan, tilt and zoom the camera to get the exact composition you want, then hit the record or shutter button to capture your video or photo.

If you're a budding baker, artist or other creative seeking a better way to document your crafty accomplishments, the Canon PowerShot PX is the answer.

Its autonomous shooting capabilities make it the ideal camera companion for capturing you when your hands are busy or messy – if you're wrist-deep in cake batter or wielding a brush and palette, the last thing you want to worry about is operating a camera. With voice commands, you're the director: just say "Hello, Pixie" to wake up the camera, "Start recording" to begin shooting a clip or "Take a picture" to snap a still photo, then "Stop" to end automatic shooting*.

3. Filming action: become a social media star

A PowerShot PX mounted on a tripod to film a teenage boy on a skateboard.

The Tracking assist function, available through a firmware update, is ideal for filming movement, such as skateboard jumps and tricks.

A small dog chasing a boy holding a ball. A PowerShot PX camera is mounted on a tripod in the foreground.

Simply turn on Tracking assist in the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam. All your videos will be instantly ready to review on your phone, so you can pick your favourites, edit and upload straight to your social channels.

For keen social media stars who want to get their movies online with a minimum of fuss, the Canon PowerShot PX could be the key to overnight success on social channels such as YouTube.

When using the camera's automatic shooting function, its pan, tilt and zoom capabilities can add eye-catching effects to your clips. Depending on the conditions, the camera will automatically perform wide-angle pans, multi-pans (scanning for people standing next to each other – ideal when you're performing with a friend or two), or simple in-out zooms and frame-ins (moving to frame people from outside the view).

If you're shooting remotely, a firmware upgrade, which you can download via the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam, adds a Tracking assist function, which enables you to capture a moving subject even if they are not facing the camera. You can start filming via the app's shooting screen, or by assigning the shooting function to the camera's Wireless communication button.

The PowerShot PX's tiny, lightweight size means it can be placed in almost any location. To get a prime angle, consider using a tripod. There's a standard mount on the base of the camera, so you can manoeuvre it into the perfect position and get on with your jumps and tricks safe in the knowledge that it's stable and getting all the action in frame.

4. Working from home: upgrade your webcam

A white Canon PowerShot PX sits on a small stack of books on a wooden table.

Using the Canon PowerShot PX as a wireless webcam keeps you in the frame even if you're moving around the room. It works from battery, but for longer meetings it's recommended to use a compatible USB-C PD charger/power supply.

Fixed webcams that require you to sit motionless for the duration of a meeting are the (rather boring) standard, but adding the Canon PowerShot PX to your working-from-home setup will bring a dynamic new dimension to your virtual meetings and online presentations. Working cable-free via Wi-Fi and Canon's Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ Cam (available free for Windows 10 PCs), the PowerShot PX will use its tracking skills to accompany you as you move around your home office. With this newfound freedom, you'll quickly become the envy of your deskbound colleagues.

So whether you're planning a gathering for friends and family, want to record dynamic video clips for your social channels or simply liven up your work meetings, the small but smart Canon PowerShot PX can do all the hard work for you.

Written by Sam Kielsden

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