Canon Multi-Purpose Network Camera ME20F-SHN

Min. illumination 0.0005 lux
Ethernet, 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI
6 built-in analytics


35mm Full Frame CMOS sensor (Full HD/1080P)

35mm Full Frame CMOS sensor (Full HD/1080P)

EF Lens Mount with Cinema Lock

EF Lens Mount with Cinema Lock

Over 4 million ISO

Over 4 million ISO (Min. illumination 0.0005 lux)

Remote configuration and monitoring over network

Remote configuration and monitoring over network

Ethernet (RJ45, PoE+), 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI

Ethernet (RJ45, PoE+), 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI

Built-in analytics

Built-in video analytics

Mobile Camera Viewer GUI optimized for mobile devices

Mobile Camera Viewer GUI optimized for mobile devices

MicroSD memory card local recording

MicroSD memory card for local recording

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Specifications in detail


Image Sensor


35mm Full Size CMOS Sensor


RGB Primary Colour Filter (Bayer array)

Effective pixels per sensor

Approx. 2.26MP (2000 x 1128)

Minimum illumination

0.0005 lux or less (Gain 75dB, f/1.2, shutter speed 1/30, 50 IRE, custom picture [Off])

Horizontal Resolution

Depending on selected lens


Lens Mount

Canon EF mount with Cinema Lock

ND filter

Yes, 2  density (1/8, 3 stops or 1/64, 6 stops) Manually selected electronic control

Focus control

Manual Focus, One Shot AF*
* Enables to adjust the focus on the subject in the area set.

Iris control

Manual;  1/2 stop increments, 1/3 stop increments, fine adjustment. Push Auto Iris via assignable button. Auto (combined function combining Iris, Gain, Shutter and ND filter operation)

Aperture range

Depending on selected lens

Filter diameter

Depending on selected lens

Image stabilization system


Digital Teleconverter

Yes : X2/X3/X4  tele converter

Image Processor



Sampling accuracy

YbCbCr 422 via 3G/HD-SDI; RGB 444, YCbCr 444, YCbCr 422 via HDMI

Bit depth

10 bit (8 bit effective)

Network processor




Simultaneous Client Access

Max. 30 Clients + 1 Admin Client
– H.264: Max. 10 Clients

Bit Rate Control

Variable bit rate / Constant bit rate
Target Bit Rate: 64/128/256/384/512/768/1024/1536/2048/3072/4096/6144/8192/10240/12288/14336/16384 kbps

ADSR: Area-specific Data Size Reduction

Number of Specified Areas: Max. 8 areas
Data Size Reduction Level: 3 levels


Camera Control: Administrator, Authorized user, Guest user (level of control varies depending on user)
Access Control: User authority (user name and password), Host Access Restrictions (IPv4, IPv6)
Encrypted Communications: SSL/TLS, IPsec


IPv4, IPv6, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 (MIB2), DHCP, DNS, AutoIP, mDNS, ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, SMTP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SSL/TLS, IPsec, ONVIF, WV-HTTP (Canon proprietary)

ONVIF Profile

Profile-S, Profile-G

Audio Compression Method

G.711 μ-law (64 kbps)

Audio Communication Method

Full-duplex (two-way)/half-duplex
RTP, Sound Transfer Protocol by Canon

Privacy Mask

Number of registration: Max. 8 places, Number of mask colors: 1 (select from 9 colors)


Digital PTZ and Camera setting
Number of registration: Max. 20 positions (+Home Position)

Intelligent Function (Video)

Moving Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Removed Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Passing Detection, Intrusion Detection
Number of registration: Max. 15
Non-detection Area Settings: Available

Event Trigger Type

External Device Input, Intelligent Function (Video), Timer, Infrared Switching

Image Upload

FTP/HTTP/SMTP (e-mail)

Event Notification

HTTP/SMTP (e-mail)

Log Notification

SMTP (e-mail)

Image Cropping Function

Cropping sizes: 640 x 360/512 x 288/384 x 216/256 x 144/128 x 72

On-Screen Display


Daylight Saving Time


Video output

Network Terminal

Video Compression Method


Video Quality

10 levels

Video size and Frame Rate

JPEG: 1920 x 1080: 0.1 – 30 fps
MPEG4-AVC/H.264: 1920 x 1080: 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/30 fps

– Only the following combination is available for video output via a network. System frequency: 59.94 Hz, Frame rate: 29.97P, Resolution: 1920 x 1080
– Values represent streaming performance from the camera.
– The frame rate may be reduced due to Viewer computer's specs, the number of clients accessing at the same time, network loads, video quality setting, type or movement of the subject or other reasons.

Maximum frame rate when used in the following combinations:
When streaming H.264(1) (1920 x 1080) and H.264(2) (all sizes) simultaneously: 15 fps
When streaming H.264(1) (all sizes) and H.264(2) (1920 x 1080) simultaneously: 15 fps

I-Frame Interval

0.5/1/1.5/2/3/4/5 sec.

3G/HD-SDI or HDMI Terminal

Video size and Frame Rate

3G/HD-SDI Output: 1920x1080: 59.94P/59.94i/50P/50i/29.97P/25P/23.98P
1280x720: 59.94P/50P/29.97P/25P/23.98P
HDMI Output: 1920x 1080: 59.94P/59.94i/50P/50i/29.97PsF/25PsF
1280x720: 59.94P/50P
640x480: 59.94P
768x576: 50P
* A 1920 x 1080 black video is output on the network connection when selecting a frame rate other than 29.97P



Automatic Exposure Setting

Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Auto Gain Control (AGC)

Audio Input

3.5mm stereo mini jack, plug-in power mic supported

Headphone output


Video output

Yes, Ethernet x 1 (RJ45, 100Base-TX (auto/full-duplex/half-duplex)) , 3G/HD-SDI (BNC) , HDMI.


Yes (RJ45, 100Base-TX (auto/full-duplex/half-duplex))

HDMI Output




3G/HD-SDI output

Yes, OSD compatible.

Time code




Component out


AV terminal


DC input

Yes. 2-Pin connection. Input  voltage 11 - 17V

Lens terminal

Yes, 12-pin connector

Remote Control Terminal

Yes, 2.5mm mini jack (Canon Unique Protocol)

Alarm IN/OUT

Input x 1, Output x 1

Serial Port

RS-422/RS-485 x 1

Memory Card connector

1x microSD Memory Card (for recording)
– microSD Memory Card, microSDHC Memory Card, microSDXC Memory Card Compatible.
1x microSD Memory Card (for firmware update only, no recording capability)

Colour Bars

Yes, SMPTE, EBU and ARIB depending on system frequency


Tally lamp


Custom key


User Assigned Functions

Yes, 4 buttons.
Assignable items: One-Shot AF / Push Auto Iris / ABB /AE Shift + / AE Shift - / Color Bars / Aspect Marker / Set WB / Tele-converter / Infrared / External Rec / Custom Picture / Camera Mode A/M.
Assignable button 4 is located on the optional RC-V100 Remote Controller.

Custom Dial


Shooting functions


Exposure metering

Backlight, Standard, Spotlight, Selectable*
* Enables automatic exposure adjustment to optimize the brightness of the area set.

Exposure Compensation

Yes: ±2.0, ±1.75, ±1.50, ±1.25, ±1.0,±0.75, ±0.50, ±0.25 or ±0

Exposure Lock


Auto Gain Control setting

Yes , OFF (75dB) or value from 36dB to 75 dB (in 3 dB increments)

ISO Sensitivity

Maximum in excess of ISO 4,000,000 equivalent at -75dB

Dynamic Range

Canon Log/Wide DR mode: 800%/12 stops at +9.0dB (Approx. ISO2300)

Gain setting

0dB  to -75dB in 3dB intervals.

Shutter speed

Control Modes

Manual 1/4 stop increments, Auto (combined function combining Iris, Gain, Shutter and ND filter operation)

Shutter speed

1/3 sec - 1/2000 sec depending on system frequency and frame rate

Shutter Angle


Slow Shutter (SLS)


Scan Reverse


Clear Scan



Infrared shooting mode

Yes: IR Cut-out filter, electrically operated, manual only

Built-in IR lamp


White balance




Daylight/Tungsten/Color Temperature

Shockless WB

Yes, via  Custom Function Menu

Manual setting

Set A, Set B (Default 5,500K) Kelvin (2,000K - 15,000K)

Custom Picture

Custom Picture Options

Ten Custom Picture options: Canon Log, Wide DR, EOS Standard, Blue Scr, Green Scr, Crisp Img, CP1 - CP4. User customisable settings: Black, Black Gamma, Knee, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, White Balance

Time code

Count up system


Start value setting




Linear PCM 48 kHz 16-bit digital conversion, 2 channels



Power connector (L-shaped)
Power connector (straight)


RC-V100 remote Control Unit, Tripod Adapter TB-1

Power Input

Power Supply

PoE+ power supply via Ethernet connector (IEEE802.3at Type2 compliant)
DC 11 – 17 V
– Some lens operates only on DC power supply

Power Consumption (camera body only)

PoE+: Max. approx. 18.0 W*
DC: Max. approx. 16.0 W
* Class 4 power sourcing equipment (requests 30.0 W)


Dimensions (excluding protrusions)

Approx. 102mm x 116mm x 113mm (W xH x D) 4.0 x 4.6 x 4.4 inches

Weight (camera only)

Approx. 1.3 kg (2.87 lb)

Operating Temperature range

0 to 40°C

Storage Temperature range

-30°C – +60°C
5% – 90% (without condensation)

Certifications and Compatibility

EN55032 Class A, FCC part15 subpart B Class A, ICES-003 Class A, VCCI Class A, RCM AS/NZS EN55032 Class A, CNS13438 Class A, EN55024, EN50581, CNS15663, IEC/UL/EN60950-1


Operating Environment

Setting page, Viewer




CPU (Recommended): Intel Core i7-2600 or higher
Graphics Board (Recommended): Not specified
Memory (Recommended): 2 GB or higher
Viewer Display (Recommended): 1920 x 1080 or higher

OS and Compatible Web Browser

Windows 7 Ultimate/Windows 7 Professional/Windows 7 Enterprise/Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32/64-bit; Internet Explorer 11 32/64-bit, Chrome 74*2
Windows 8.1/Windows 8.1 Pro/Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32/64-bit*1; Internet Explorer 11 32/64-bit, Chrome 74*2
Windows 10 Pro/Windows 10 Enterprise/Windows 10 Education/Windows 10 Home 32/64-bit; Internet Explorer 11 32/64-bit, Microsoft Edge*2, Chrome 74*2
Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 32/64-bit; Internet Explorer 9 32-bit
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 64-bit; Internet Explorer 11 32/64-bit, Chrome 74*2
Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit*1; Internet Explorer 10 32/64-bit, Chrome 74*2
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit*1; Internet Explorer 11 32/64-bit, Chrome 74*2
Windows Server 2016 Standard 64-bit; Internet Explorer 11 64-bit, Chrome 74*2
Windows Server 2019 Standard 64-bit*3; Internet Explorer 11 64-bit
*1 Cannot be started from the Windows start screen
*2 Does not support playback of Video (H.264) or audio transmission/reception
*3 Does not support the Camera Management Tool or the Recorded Video Utility
– Must be configured to allow use of JavaScript, IFRAME (html tag), and web storage
– For Camera Viewer only, cookies must be enabled

Operating System Language


Mobile Environment

iOS 12.2, iOS 11.4.1; Safari, Android 9.0; Chrome 74
– Must be configured to allow use of JavaScript, IFRAME (html tag), and web storage
– For Camera Viewer only, cookies must be enabled
– Does not support playback of Video (H.264) or audio transmission/reception
– Setting Page and Camera Viewer are not supported for the mobile device where the display size is smaller than 7".

All specifications are subject to change without notice