Vanuatu volcano lava captured on EOS 5D Mark IV

Engineered for performance

A processor for
faster performance

At the heart of the EOS 5D Mark IV is a fast DIGIC 6+ processor that controls every aspect of the camera’s behaviour, including turning raw sensor data into high quality image files that are rich in detail and low in noise, with accurate colours and skin tones.

DIGIC 6+ processor found on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Capture every
moment, frame
by frame

Engineered from the ground up for performance, the EOS 5D Mark IV can shoot continuously at 7fps1 with full AF and autoexposure, capturing up to 21 RAW images or unlimited JPEGs in a single burst2. You’ll always be ready for the next frame. In Live View mode continuous shooting at 4.3 fps with AF tracking is possible. You’ll always be ready for the next frame.

Sharp and precise
LCD touchscreen

A high-resolution 3.2-inch LCD screen with intuitive touch-screen controls makes shooting with the EOS 5D Mark IV a pleasure. Tap to choose menu commands and swipe back and forth when reviewing images. Four colour tone options enable you to clearly use the screen at any time, day or night.

LCD touchscreen with EOS 5D Mark IV

Shoot in silence,
remain discreet

Select silent shooting mode on the EOS 5D Mark IV to keep shutter noise to a minimum. Special damping allows the camera to operate silently in even the quietest environments.

Mirror Vibration Control System

Camera shake or mirror bounce vibration can cause blur, which is why Canon developed a Mirror Vibration Control System to minimise this blur and deliver sharp images with suppressed noise levels; perfect for shooting discreetely.

Mirror vibration control system in EOS 5D Mark IV

Mirror Vibration Control System

Watch Video

View, compose and
shoot in total clarity

The Intelligent Viewfinder II with shooting information such as dual axis electronic level, offers a cleaner, brighter view of the scene through the lens with a nearly 100 percent view. With shooting information carefully arranged to facilitate easy and accurate composition, the display can be customised to suit the needs of the photographer.

Viewfinder of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Custom Quick
Control Screen

Every photographer is unique and works in different ways. Because of this Canon engineers have made it possible to change the type, size and position of icons on the camera’s Custom Quick Control screen quickly and easily, so favourite settings can be found without fuss.

Custom Quick control screen on EOS 5D Mark IV

Durability and

The EOS 5D Mark IV features resilient weatherproofing3 and a tough magnesium-alloy construction, giving you the confidence to keep shooting even when conditions worsen. Lighter than the EOS 5D Mark III, the EOS 5D Mark IV has been engineered for a reliable shooting performance and for longer.

EOS 5D Mark IV magnesium alloy body

Improve your
shooting prowess

Battery Grip BG-E20 brings additional handling benefits to the EOS 5D Mark IV as well as double the battery capacity, allowing you to extend your shooting time and stay in control of the moment thanks to vertical controls for focus and metering.

EOS 5D Mark IV Battery Grip BG-E20


1. With 1/500 sec. or faster shutter speed, maximum aperture (depending on lens), fully charged Battery Pack LP-E6N, at 23°C/73°F. Speed will decrease with any of the following enables: Anti-flicker, Dual Pixel RAW, Digital Lens Optimizer

2. EV-3 at one central AF point focusing at f/2.8, One-Shot AF, 23°C/73°F, ISO 100

3. Compartment covers, terminal covers and other openable parts must be properly closed to achieve dust-resistant and drip-resistant performances. However, these measure cannot completely prevent all dust and water droplets from infiltrating inside the camera.

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