Bring your creative craft projects to life with the SELPHY Photo Layout app

Expert crafter and blogger Emma Jewell demonstrates how to create projects that dazzle with the help of the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app.
A hand taking a printed sheet of vibrant images from a Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer surrounded by beads, necklaces and a colour chart.

Craft expert and artist Emma Jewell embodies all things sparkly, not only in name but also in nature. From her Instagram feed, awash with a rainbow of colour, packed with crafting inspiration; to her monthly Craft and Cocktail Club, Emma has a passion for making things – especially if glitter is involved.

"I believe everyone has a craft, they've just got to find out what it is," says Emma, who has her own craft brand, Sassy Crafting, and became a freelance crafter five years ago.

A self-confessed lover of colour, glitter, and "putting things in rainbow order" Emma took on the challenge of showcasing how much fun can be had with the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app. The app not only enables you to create interesting photo layouts but can also be used as a creative art and design tool, with options to add filters, text, stamps and graphics making it ideal for scrapbooking and fun personal photo projects. And, once you're happy with your creations, the Canon SELPHY CP1300 portable Wi-Fi photo printer enables you to instantly print your inspirational montages.

Here, Emma shows why the free Canon SELPHY Photo Layout collage maker app and Canon SELPHY CP1300 mini photo printer are the perfect creative crafting combo.

1. Collecting ideas

An array of beads and necklaces beside a piece of paper with images of bead necklaces and bracelets.

Emma has been blogging since 2014 and has produced content for brands such as Hobbycraft, Cricut and Trimcraft. She loves to make her own unique creations instead of buying generic items in stores.

"I love scrapbooking and I love personalising clothes," says Emma, who used the SELPHY Photo Layout app to gather ideas for her craft projects. "I collected inspiration – different patterns and colours – for a pair of jeans I wanted to customise, some ideas for colourful wall art, an embroidered makeup bag with sequins, and some jewellery with 90s plastic beads and a chain.

"I gather ideas from everywhere, including Pinterest. I really wanted to do something with jeans and florals, so I was looking at daisies. I used the app to piece it together and to see what designs worked well."

2. Editing your inspirational ideas

Fabric daisies, a piece of paper with images of daisies, and a picture of jeans with daisies on them on a purple surface, beside a Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer.

The SELPHY Photo Layout app has an array of options for adding filters, stamps, text and graphics, allowing you to create your own fun photo collage.

The SELPHY Photo Layout app has six layout options to choose from:

Select & Print: This option creates a single image.

N-up: This option divides the paper evenly into two, four or eight photos per page.

Shuffle: This option automatically shuffles photos of different aspect ratios to create a ready-made collage of your pictures.

Bookmark: This option creates two lengthwise layouts.

Combination: This option arranges photos of different sizes together (that can then be cut apart after printing).

Label: This option enables you to use your images to create square or mini labels.

If you've downloaded the latest version of the app, you will be able to create a Bookmark layout with two different designs, rather than the same design repeated. Crafters will also get the option to choose from an improved range of colours for text and graphics and a 'custom overcoat' function for a unique spot UV effect, which will make some areas of the image appear shinier than others, allowing for some intriguing creative possibilities.

Emma used several layouts to collate her ideas. "For some, I added text and some of the stickers," she says. "I added the flower stickers on top of the jeans just to see what they would look like. The app also gave me the option to add a dotted background on one of the sections," explains Emma. "I used three pictures and a dotted area which meant I could add notes if I wanted to."

3. Printing your designs

An assortment of colourful crafting materials and prints around a Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer.

Emma loves colour and glitter, and her colourful designs translate perfectly to the Canon SELPHY CP1300, which produces card-sized prints with a choice of finishes.

A Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer printing out a sheet of paper with four different sparkly patterns on it.

The Canon SELPHY CP1300, which is compatible with Apple AirPrint, makes it easy to create fun snapshots to display on boards and walls.

Emma's printouts, which were made quickly and easily thanks to the Canon SELPHY CP1300 portable photo printer, matched her trademark, vibrant style. "The colours were really bright and definitely showed all of the shades I wanted to show. I even printed out a little colour chart for one of them, and that really showed the colours true to how they were on screen," says Emma.

"I liked how quickly the SELPHY CP1300 printed. It's nice and speedy and a simple process to send the picture from the app straight to the printer. It was also easy to switch things in or out if something wasn't quite right or I'd changed my mind – I could just easily print off another version. I really like the 6x4 size paper because you can get a few pictures on one sheet."

The SELPHY Photo Layout app is also compatible with the Canon SELPHY Square QX10 portable printer.

4. Finding inspiration for your own craft project

A makeup bag with a sparkly sheet, string and sequins placed on it, besides a picture of a pair of white boots with a shiny, holographic effect.

Beginning with one inspirational picture – such as this pair of holographic boots – is a great way to get your creative project going. "The shoes with the holographic element were a starting point," explains Emma. "An example of the kind of outfit that this makeup bag might go with."

Emma's top tip for aspiring crafters is to use a fun theme to kickstart your project and let it evolve from there. "Gather as much inspiration as you can," she says. "Then pick one image to start with, whether that's a colour, an item you want to personalise or even just a picture of some shoes – use that as a starting point."

Emma's ideas usually begin when she's problem-solving and wants to create her own item instead of heading to the shops to buy a solution. "I carry a notebook for things that just pop into my head as I'm wandering around," she says. "I think of things that I might want to wear myself or use in my house. Instead of buying something, I think, 'How can I make that thing that I'm after?'"

Whether you're exploring your craft ideas with the portable Canon SELPHY CP1300 or SELPHY Square QX10, the SELPHY Photo Layout app can help express your creativity with photo collages.

For more craft inspiration, from craft butterflies to mood boards – click here.

Written by Lorna Dockerill

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