True colours, printed to perfection

What you see through the lens comes alive on the page, thanks to Canon PIXMA PRO-200’s new 8-ink dye-based system and exceptional reproduction, every time.

The bold and the colourful

London-based food photographer Natasha Alipour-Faridani makes images that pack a punch. Filled with iridescent, intoxicating colour and flooded with light, it’s clear that contrast and saturation are a vital part of her photography practice. Whatever your subject, background or lighting set-up, it’s important to know that what you capture through the lens, and then edit in your digital darkroom, will translate to your work when it’s printed. Some printers really let photographers down, failing to capture the vibrancy of striking blues, rich blacks, and popping reds. But Canon PIXMA PRO-200 has a trick up its sleeve.

Photographer checking various sizes of vibrant colour prints from PIXMA PRO-200

Magic of eight

This printer cares about colour. Its superior 8-ink dye-based system delivers an expanded colour gamut, which means high-quality photographs rich with a spectrum of tones and shades. The grey and light grey inks make monochrome printing a breeze too. Alipour-Faridani has been impressed by Canon PIXMA PRO-200’s exceptional colour reproduction since she started using it. “It’s been great seeing how it’s handled my work,’ she said, “and it’s made me feel I could really push it a bit further and really go bolder with my colours.”

“The eight-dye ink system really keeps the vibrancy of the colours.”

Photographer checking various high quality photographs with a spectrum of tones and shades from PIXMA PRO-200

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