Canon SELPHY Square QX10

Operational Environment

5 - 40 °C, 20 - 80% humidity


Approx. 102.2 x 143.3 x 31.0 mm (excluding protrusions)


Approx. 445g (excluding ink cartridge and label)


Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

For vibrant, smooth and rich images

XS-20L Square Photo Paper

XS-20L Square Photo Paper

Print square images and stickers that have a writable border

100 Year Print

100 Year Print

Prints will remain high quality up to100 years

Wi-Fi printing


Connect easily between smartphone and printer

USB Charging

USB Charging

Conveniently charge with USB cable

SELPHY Photo Layout app

SELPHY Photo Layout app

Add stamps, filters, borders, text and more

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Specifications in detail

Printing System


Dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing system

Maximum resolution

287 x 287 dpi


3 colour inks (yellow, cyan, magenta) with protective over coating
256 levels per colour (24 bit colour depth)

Media & Cartridge

Sticker paper

72 x 85 mm, 68 x 68 mm printable area

Ink Cartridge

Included with media

Image Longevity

100 Years Print 1

Print Speeds

Sticker paper

approx. 43 sec 2


Print Modes & Settings

Controlled by SELPHY Photo Layout app

Print Method

Direct From a Smart Device

Compatible iOS and Android devices via Direct Wi-Fi, using app SELPHY Photo Layout

Power Source

AC Power Supply

Not supported

Battery Pack

Built-in, 20 sheet maximum print capacity per full charge

Power Consumption

3W or less (standby), 62W or less (printing)



Color Ink / Label Set XS-20L


USB Micro B connector to USB Type-A connector for charging (included)

All data is based on Canon's standard testing methods.

Subject to change without notice.

  1. To test the image permanence of prints that are stored in an album, we use an accelerated testing method similar to how the image permanence of silver-halide photo papers are measured when stored in dark places. Print samples are printed with the optical density of 1.0 (each Bk, C, M,Y). The samples are kept in a certain environment of high temperature and 50% humidity. The rate of the decrease in the optical density and rate of yellow discoloration are recorded. The recorded results are then converted to the length of time when print image is kept in an environment of 23℃/ 50% humidity. <Criteria for estimation of print longevity> 'The point where monochromatic/ reflective optical density shows loss of 30% (starting density of 1.0).
  2. Print speed can vary dependent on data size, print method, and print finish setting. Print speed is measured from start of printing excluding paper handling