How Canon inspired childhood friends to kick-start their video production agency

With a small team, Inspiroiva Creative wanted to tackle any brief their clients threw at them – a full fleet of Canon equipment helped make this happen.
Case Study Inspiroiva Creative

A lifelong partnership

For the team at Finnish production agency Inspiroiva Creative, it’s all about familiarity. Familiarity with one another – founders, Ville Heiskanen and Aatu Heikkonen, have been friends since school; and familiarity with the equipment they’re using – both Aatu and Ville had Canon cameras since they were kids, and have continued to work with them to this day. In fact, all the equipment they use is Canon, and it has helped this small agency broaden their production capabilities.

Client: Inspiroiva Creative
Lahti, Finland

Case Study Inspiroiva Creative
  • The Challenge

    At Inspiroiva Creative, flexibility – and being able to work on a vast range of briefs – is key to their business. They needed the ability to tackle different tasks with the same equipment, from low-light shoots to live events. Cameras that produced professional quality output but could also react quickly when filming live environment was a must. They also wanted to ensure a consistent look and feel to their productions even when they were cutting to different angles shot by different cameras.

  • The Solution

    Lifelong users of their cameras, founders Ville Heiskanen, Aatu Heikkonen and Aaro Vasama only had eyes for Canon when looking to find the equipment to stand up to the challenge. In recent years, they’ve purchased the Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III, CR-N500 PTZ cameras, various XA-series professional camcorders, as well as an EOS R5 C for its 8K video and 45MP stills output. To complement this, they also bought Canon RF and CN-E lenses to different specifications: they were not left disappointed.

“We were positively surprised about the Auto Focus. The overall quality is amazing.”

An all-rounder

The Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III is their go-to camera on the commercial production front, thanks to its flexibility to match different briefs.

“It can do anything we need. It’s so versatile and fits into whatever kind of project,” says cinematographer, Ville.

“We were positively surprised about the Auto Focus. The overall quality is amazing. Plus, the super slow motion is a great option.”

Recently, they worked on a night shoot filmed on a frozen lake and at night, the dynamic range of the EOS C300 Mark III came into its own.

“It performed great in the low light. Similarly, the dynamic range really shone in another film we made a couple of hundred metres below ground in a mine,” Aatu explains.

This flexibility is in no small part due to the DGO sensor technology found in the EOS C300 Mark III and the quality of the CN-E Cinema Prime lenses used to accompany them. Working together they create a better, sharper, more cinematic look – enhancing the production value of the aesthetic.

Similarly, the Auto Focus capabilities of the CR-N500 PTZ means camera operators like Ville can control multiple units seamlessly. The Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus is the same system found in the high-end cinema cameras such as the EOS C300 Mark III, so the Auto Focus on the PTZ provides cinema quality to a much smaller, cheaper camera.

CR-N500 RC-IP100 Case Study Inspiroiva Creative

In the moment

Half of Inspiroiva Creative’s business comes from live production, from conferences and seminars to music gigs, so having cameras that work harmoniously is essential.

Live events throw up many challenges: people on stage move unchoreographed and unexpectedly, there are multiple cameras to control, and the look and feel must remain consistent throughout the production.

However, using their EOS C300 Mark III alongside the compact and lightweight XA55 camcorder, the team at Inspiroiva Creative can now take on these challenges.

Ville explains: “Let’s say we have five cameras. Since they share some similar imaging technology, it’s easy to get them looking the same. We get very high-quality output, and the broadcast looks great!

“We did a music gig with four crew members: one driving two PTZs, two people operating the EOS C300 Mark IIIs handheld with long lenses, plus one person directing and cutting the video. And we had the XA55s if we needed feature angles. It was super efficient!”

And, as the demand for 4K increases, Aatu is confident that Canon has them covered for a changing world. With its Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus and 4K UHD filming, the CR-N500 camera means they are confident they can satisfy their clients’ demands.

“R5 C is an all-in-one solution for everything we do.”

Case Study Inspiroiva Creative

A new addition

With such broad capabilities, demand for Inspiroiva Creative’s business grew, and the team needed more cameras.

“We were exploring a couple of options for which type of camera to get. This time we ended up going for the R5 C.”

They saw the R5 C as a more compact solution, that complemented their pre-existing equipment.

“The R5 C is an all-in-one solution for everything we do. We are really excited about the ability to do both video and still images with one camera – without having to compromise on quality. It can easily be used in lighter productions and in more compact gimbals.

“It was a viable and cost-effective solution for us and fits perfectly into our already comprehensive Canon ecosystem!”

And Ville, Aatu and team have already been putting it to work.

“We have used the R5 C in multiple projects: a commercial photo shoot, an event video – used alongside the EOS C300 Mark III – and a customer case study video.

“We are extremely happy, and it has streamlined our workflow by carrying a lot of potential in a very compact package.”

RC-IP100 Case Study Inspiroiva Creative

Personalised seamless service

Inspiroiva Creative worked with Joonas Schwartzberg (Retail Channel Sales Manager, Nordics), and are delighted with the service they receive.

“It feels like a two-sided relationship,” says Ville. “We can ask for help, and also give our ideas and user experiences of the PTZ cameras.”

For a small agency like Inspiroiva Creative, there is an appreciation of the personal touch, both with partners like Canon, and internally. They hope to maintain this identity as they develop and grow.

What about their future aspirations? “We’re like family,” admits Aatu.

“Of course, we want to grow, and we’re always up for bigger more interesting productions, and to provide good quality content for our clients. Growing without compromising your identity is always a good thing. Let’s see where the road takes us with Canon.”

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