Lens Services

Our tiers

Multi-point check servicing for your lenses are available in 2 tiers.

Lens Service - Standard


Cleaning of external lens optics and external lens body.

Checking of lens attachment and removal, camera/lens communication, external lens barrel, operation of image stabiliser (if applicable), operation of focus and zoom rings (if applicable), operation of tripod collar (if applicable), aperture function, external screws, exposure and resolution using an image test.

Verification of firmware version. Updating of firmware if applicable and requested by you.


Lens Service - Premier

Includes everything in the Standard service plus:

• AF adjustment to default value using a Canon tool body or focus match using your own camera body.

*This service is not applicable for RF or TS-E lenses.


Important information

• Where a ‘Lens Service – Premier’ is required and the preference is to select “AF adjustment to default value using a Canon tool body”, you are requested to inform the Canon Service & Repair centre, when sending your product, which Canon tool body (model name) you would like to have used.

• If a fault is identified with your product during your requested Maintenance Service, the Canon Service & Repair Centre will contact you to either request a copy of your proof of purchase to validate your Canon warranty (if not already provided) or, if your product is no longer covered by its Canon warranty, to discuss chargeable repair options (i.e. fixed price repair, repair limit or time & cost estimate).

• There is no repair warranty on subsequent faults not identified during Maintenance Service.


Pricing guide

Service Pricing*

Lens Type Lens Service - Standard Lens Service - Premier**
Prime (non-L series) EF, EF-S, RF [DE]€67,26, [FR]€108, [IT]€59, [RU]4080 ₽, [SE]800 kr, [UK]£60 [DE]€82,86, [FR]€120, [IT]€72, [RU]5160 ₽, [SE]1000 kr, [UK]£90
Zoom (non-L series) EF, EF-S, RF, RF-S [DE]€82,86, [FR]€108, [IT]€72, [RU]5160 ₽, [SE]1000 kr, [UK]£65 [DE]€102,36, [FR]€120, [IT]€85, [RU]6120 ₽, [SE]1200 kr, [UK]£95
Prime DO & (L series) EF, RF [DE]€96,50, [FR]€108, [IT]€97, [RU]5160 ₽, [SE]1200 kr, [UK]£70 [DE]€121,85, [FR]€144, [IT]€110, [RU]6120 ₽, [SE]1450 kr, [UK]£100
Zoom DO & (L series) EF, RF [DE]€112,10, [FR]€120, [IT]€110, [RU]6120 ₽, [SE]1450 kr, [UK]£80 [DE]€135,50, [FR]€144, [IT]€133, [RU]8160 ₽, [SE]1675 kr, [UK]£110
Tilt-Shift (TS-E) [DE]€112,10, [FR]€120, [IT]€110, [RU]6120 ₽, [SE]1450 kr, [UK]£80 Not applicable

* All prices include VAT and return shipping. Pricing excludes inbound shipping.

CPS Members can take advantage of the Fast Track turnaround times appropriate to their membership level.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

**This service is not available for RF, RF-S or TS-E lenses.

These services are available from Canon Service & Repair Centres - for enquiries please email cci_servicecentre@cuk.canon.co.uk. Local CPS Authorised Service Partners may offer equivalent or similar services.
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