Remote Control & Network Functionality

The XF605 features 12G-SDI, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity which supports IP streaming in H.264, ideal for live streaming.

USB Video output

As the first XF Series professional camcorder to support video output (UVC) from a USB-C terminal, the XF605 can be used as a webcam. USB PTP is also supported, enabling files to be imported from the camera to a computer.

Remote control functions

The XF605 is compatible with a wide variety of wired and wireless remote control solutions. It supports the Canon RC-V100 multi-function remote controller and the new Browser Remote, which has been optimised for single-operator shooting using a smartphone or tablet. Compatible remote controllers such as the RC-IP100 can also be used to control the XF605 as part of a multi-camera set-up with Canon PTZ cameras and selected Cinema EOS cameras.


Take advantage of the Content Transfer Mobile App to streamline network transfers, or use the on-board Wi-Fi or Ethernet port to connect to FTP.


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  1. The visual appearance of the Canon XF605 shown in these photographs and video content may differ from the commercial product.