High sensitivity & dynamic range

Capable of recording Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ) formats internally, the XF605 is a versatile tool for rapid turnaround of HDR footage. For productions that need expanded grading flexibility, Canon Log 3 provides an outstanding dynamic range and makes it easier to achieve a cohesive look in a multi-camera set-up.

The XF605 is the first XF Series camcorder to be equipped with High Sensitivity Mode, which means the low-light capabilities of the sensor have been significantly enhanced, providing a sensitivity equivalent to F12 at 2,000 lux. A new gain boost function has also been added, allowing the standard gain of -6dB to 21dB to be instantly boosted to 36dB via a user-assignable button. The XF605 is also equipped with an Infrared Mode to shoot in near darkness.


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  1. The visual appearance of the Canon XF605 shown in these photographs and video content may differ from the commercial product.