Business Communications

Go digital for a more dynamic approach to business communications.
Canon Camera
Advances in data mining and digital printing can give your business communications more impact, by combining invoicing data and marketing content.

As well as seizing customers’ attention, this allows you to strengthen branding, cross-sell and up-sell in a single document instead of through separate mail-outs.


The Benefits of Our Business Communications Solutions

  • Make mail more personalised

    Target transactional documents at individual recipients

  • Give mail more promotional value

    Print branded documents that tie in with multi-media campaigns

  • Reduce production time and costs

    Make high quality colour printing faster and more cost-effective

  • Communicate more effectively

    Full colour printing conveys information more clearly

Jobs being printed on the ColorStream at QITS


Fuelling future growth with intelligent production

Find out how we helped QITS expand their omnichannel communication capability and unlock greater individualisation.

Discover how to give business communications maximum impact while cutting costs

How It Works

  • Creation

    Communication concept created by marketing team

  • Development

    Approved campaigns developed via advertising agency

  • Management

    CRM / CCM system delivers data and monitors / controls campaign

  • Prepress

    Creation of variable documents via Canon Workflow Management

  • Production

    Documents produced used Canon sheet or continuous feed systems

  • QC and Finishing

    Data integrity and print quality monitored, inline or offline finishing

  • Final check & Mailing

    Postage-optimised documents sent to customers

  • Key Solutions

    Canon Camera

    ColorStream 8000

    Delivers high production efficiencies and low operational costs across a diverse set of applications. Transform your business with exceptional print quality and outstanding productivity you can count on.

    varioPRINT iX

    The varioPRINT iX-series revolutionises the commercial printing business experience. It combines stunning image quality and a wide media range with the high productivity and attractive cost-efficiency of inkjet.

    Canon Camera
    Canon Camera

    imagePRESS V1350

    Boost productivity and efficiency with mass printing at speeds of 135ppm. Transform your printing processes and meet diverse printing needs with innovative technology from the imagePRESS V1350.


    Streamline workflows and accelerate production efficiency with the high performance workflow and output management platform PRISMAproduction.


    Unleash the power of print to produce more effective business communications.