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Shoot incredible video with the same camera you use for superb photos. The EOS R10 is a highly capable content creator, empowering you to tell your story with still or moving images.
Canon EOS R10 - Benefit - More Flexible

Simply incredible: 4K that defies expectation

Document you action- packed travel adventures with superb 4K/30p video, produced by oversampling 6K output from the EOS R10’s 24.2 megapixel sensor. The results are simply superb: biting sharpness and clarity with bold, natural colours. The footage looks amazing shown on a 4K TV and can also be cropped during editing without loss of quality if you’re planning to output at Full HD resolution.

Also available is 4K/60p1 capture, for silky-smooth reproduction of moving objects and footage that can be slowed down in editing for gorgeous slow-motion effects that are sure to impress your audience. In fact, when capturing in Full HD resolution, frame rates up to 120p can be used, revealing even more subtleties of motion. It’s a great option for fast-moving action, from the school sports day to your team’s football match.

For slow-moving subjects and gradually changing scenes, the EOS R10 features 4K and Full HD time-lapse modes that produce epic results. Also present is HDR PQ compatibility for extra flexibility in post production.

Canon EOS R10 - Flexibility

Take control

When you’re capturing life’s explorations with video, the EOS R10 can be as automatic or manual as you want it to be. Those who like to take control will love features like focus peaking, which identifies critical sharpness, and so-called ‘zebras’ – areas of the scene that are over exposed, marked with a characteristic striped zebra pattern.

You can record for longer with the EOS R10 than with other hybrid cameras – up to two hours, in fact2. That’s great for filming live events like gigs or theatre or when shooting interviews when you need to leave the camera recording while you ask questions.

The perfect balance

One of the things that makes the EOS R10 such an accomplished all-rounder is its ideal balance of speed, resolution and low-light performance. From haunting landscapes bathed in golden light to spontaneous street portraits shot at dusk, this is a camera you can use for anything.

A 24.2 megapixel sensor and DIGIC X let the camera perform superbly in all kinds of lighting conditions, thanks to a standard ISO sensitivity ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 32,000 (expandable to ISO 52,100). There’s even a built-in flash to add a little extra if you need it.

Canon EOS R10 - The Perfect Balance

When shooting stills, users can save their images as JPEG files or HEIF files. And for the ultimate in image quality RAW files can be captured too, giving lots of potential for extra creativity in post production.

  • Standard RAW is a 14-bit file containing all of the data recorded by the sensor – everything you need to create stunning works of art in editing.
  • CRAW (or Compact RAW) takes up less space on the camera’s memory card with negligible drop in image quality.
  • RAW burst allows continuous shooting at up to 30fps with a 75 per cent crop, with the results saved in a single file. Individual images can be extracted later using our Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software.
  • Dual Pixel RAW allows certain characteristics of an image to be adjusted after shooting, such as bokeh, ghosting and the point of sharpness.

Raw files from the EOS R10 can be edited and processed using computer software like DPP, in camera using its DIGIC X processor or in the cloud3, 4 with its neural engine for the ultimate in image quality.

Canon Digital Photo Professional

Digital Photo Professional

  1. 4K 60p shooting mode is cropped to 64% of the horizontal area.
  2. Max. movie contnuous recording time available: Normal: 2 hr. High Frame Rate movie (Full HD 120/100fps): 30 min. If the camera's internal temperature becomes too high the recording time may reduce. 4K 30p HQ: Approx. 50 min. if starting from +23°C.
  3. Service will be launched in late July 2022 and camera firmware update will be required.
  4. RAW images taken in RAW burst mode cannot be developed. Cloud RAW image processing is a paid service. Purchase of a plan through Canon Imaging App Service Plans is necessary. For more details please visit:

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